Dynalog File Analysis for Matlab/Octave



The Dynalog Analysis Package is a set of functions for Matlab/Octave. These functions can be used to interrogate dynalog files generated by the Varian Clinac 4D Treatment System. I wrote the functions so that I could analyse a large number of dynalog files as part of a project looking into their use in Quality Assurance. I hope the software will of use to other physicists or engineers working in the field of IMRT. Please note that, since there is no GUI, the user will require a working knowledge of matlab/octave and a general understanding of dynalog files. Two example files are included which make use of the functions to generate plots and CSV files; some examples of output can be seen in the images below.

Since I made this code available in 2011, it is has been used by several third parties independently of me, including for student education and research, see for example:



The functions are fully documented in the User Notes which are also included in the .ZIP download.

Current Release

The current release is Version 0.2a, updated 05/12/11. This release should work identically to Version 0.2 on Octave, but has been updated to allow running in Matlab without modification. I am not planning any further updates.

Bugs and Comments

I am happy to discuss the software or the project it was developed for (time permitting). If people have substantial additions to the software I would be happy to include them in the 'official' package. If you spot any serious bugs, feel free to let me know and I will hopefully get round to fixing it. Or, better still, fix it yourself and send me a copy of your code!

Download Dynalog Analysis Package (ZIP format)

Example output figures. Left: leaf Speed with dose fraction; Centre: fluence map; Right: gamma analysis map.