LP Mode Solver for Multimode Fibres

This small Matlab library contains functions for finding and plotting all the LP modes of a step-index fibre under the weakly guided approximation. The function find_LP_modes numerically solves the eigenvalue equation arising from Maxwell's equations under boundary conditions. A routine for plotting the modes is also included.

Matlab Scalebar

A single function used to add a scalebar directly to an array representation of an image.

Dynalog Analysis Package for Matlab/Octave

A set of Matlab/Octave functions which can be used interrogate dynalog files generated by the Varian Clinac 4D Treatment System. I wrote the functions so that I could analyse large number of dynalog files as part of a project looking into their use in quality assurance. The software may be of use to other physicists or engineers working in the field of IMRT. Please note that, since there is no GUI, the user will require a working knowledge of matlab/octave and a general understanding of dynalog files.

Flatness and Symmetry (ImageJ)

ImageJ macro to calculate flatness and symmetry (IEC definitions) for a DICOM image. Designed for use in EPID measurements of linac outputs but could have other applications. Requires that the field is centred within the image.

Flatness and Symmetry (IQWorks)

An analysis tree for IQWorks which can be used to calculate flatness, symmetry and deviation (IEC defintions) for a DICOM image of a 20 x 20 cm radiation field (either from EPIDs or scanned film).